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Holistic P.A.T. is a fully owned division of Holistic Logistics (MK) Limited
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PAT testing is carried out in accordance with The IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, 4th Edition. This is universally regarded as the industry benchmark. This current edition has been revised to take account of the PAT aspects of Professor Lofstedt's report and the HSE view that promotes a proportionate risk-based approach when assessing electrical equipment. Testing is carried out by competent persons as described in the IET Code of Practice. PAT testing will consist of a visual inspection including checking the general condition of the asset, its suitability for its use in its environment, signs of damage to casing, wiring, plug top and cable sheathing, correct fuse rating, anything else that could compromise the safe use and condition of the asset. The mechanical aspect of testing will be carried out using a calibrated, handheld PAT tester and depending upon the class and type of product the correct combination of the following tests will be carried out:

Earth Continuity

Insulation Resistance

IEC Cord Test

Class I Leakage Current

Class II Leakage Current

RCD Trip Time

Earth Loop Resistance

Mains voltage check

User defined test

Any asset failing any  test will be assessed so see if it is possible to be made good by  the tester. If this is not possible a fail sticker will be attached and the asset removed from service and brought to the attention of the *Duty Holder at the earliest opportunity.

All results are uploaded to the Holistic PAT database where they will be processed and stored. Paper and DVD copies of the results along with the risk assessment report and Certificate of PAT. are provided for the clients records.


The IET Code of Practice requires a risk assessment report to be produced by the tester which will be written up from notes, observations and information gathered during testing. In some cases, a preliminary inspection and risk assessment report may be appropriate, we can arrange this too.


The new edition of the IET Code of Practice now places more onus and responsibility on he Duty Holder, for instance, intervals between testing, interim inspections, record keeping, if and how the assets are labelled. Many work places already have a named duty holder for EWR purposes, if not someone will should be appointed to this role. Our relationship with the Duty Holder is important. We strive to work in partnership with the Duty Holder and discuss, listen, guide and advise as required both at the time of the scheduled testing and also during the interim periods between testing where the occasion arises.

How Do We PAT Test?

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